Techonomy 18

November 2018. Half Moon Bay, CA, The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, California

Founded in 2011, Techonomy Media has created a platform to host conversations at the highest level about the role of technology in our economy & society, the pace of change, and what that means for us and our world - all while advocating for greater understanding through the publication of editorial content and video journalism across a variety of platforms including online, print, and through conferences & events.

For the fourth year in a row, the Techonomy annual flagship conference took place at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California, where 250 guests participated in three days of engaging and interactive keynote presentations, panel discussions, townhalls, and live debates.

To evolve and reinvigorate this future forward program, Techonomy turned to Empire to redesign and refresh the look and feel of the event. Working with a bold new color palette and brand design by branding agency, Oberland, Empire created new space designs that optimized the attendee experience while preserving harmony with the venue’s existing architecture & decor.

To optimize the utilization of the Ritz-Carlton’s main ballroom and create variety throughout the day’s presentations, Empire provided a stage design that allowed for one central, main stage and two smaller flanking stages. The side stages were angled to maximize sightlines and each was stage backed with a large format LED screen, which showcased content, slides, and image magnification when the Main Stage was live. When a featured taping of NPR’s live debate show, Intelligence Squared, was added to the program, the 3-stage format was a natural fit, and truly enhanced the presentation of the debate.

Audience seating for the general session was comprised of comfortable and functional tiered seating, offering the guests who would spend upwards of 18 hours in the room over the course of the conference the option of relaxed lounge seating, upright theater-style chairs with side tables for coffee & water, and also elevated “classroom-style” table and chair options for those taking notes on laptops.

For the meals, a clear, open span tent was positioned near the conference center overlooking sweeping ocean views. Empire curated a variety of furniture groupings to emulate a restaurant-feel. An assortment of banquettes, king’s tables, high tops, and bar-style runner tables were rearranged from meal to meal to maintain interest, encourage networking, and optimize flow for each unique meal.

Furniture was added or removed on a function-by-function basis based on attendance to maintain the intimacy and bespoke nature of the event.

Many of Techonomy’s attendees and thought leaders remarked that this year marked a next-level experience and the client was thrilled with the results.

Empire was proud to work with the Techonomy Media team to deliver an extraordinary event.

To learn more about the Techonomy 18 Conference visit here

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