GoDaddy Virtual User Conference

October 2020. Virtual

On September 29, 2020, Empire produced a day-long virtual conference for GoDaddy users. Over 11,000 people registered for the free conference to hear about what GoDaddy is doing to help entrepreneurs with their web presence. CEO Aman Bhutani led off the morning plenary, with special guest, Radio Personality and Author Guy Raz wrapping the session. Guy also came back for the closing session to take live questions from the attendees. In between the two plenaries, there were working sessions with GoDaddy engineers and partner organizations talking about best practices for online sales. There also were chat lounges, speaker directories and a place to sign up with one-on-one sessions with a GoDaddy Guide for personalized assistance.

Empire worked with GoDaddy to structure the event, build the registration and event site to their specifications, and produce the event using several studios. Support kits were sent to the speakers, including ring lights, microphones, headphones, cameras, custom printed fabric backdrops and laser-cut acrylic logos.

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