Tradeweb's Trading Through the Noise: Data Insights on the U.S. Election

October 2020. Virtual

On October 21, 2020, Tradeweb Markets hosted a virtual event entitled Trading Through the Noise: Data Insights on the U.S. Election featuring Founder and renowned election statistician, Nate Silver, moderated by CNBC Senior Analyst & Commentator Ron Insana.

The virtual event offered Tradeweb’s global clients a fast-paced discussion on how to make insightful, data-driven decisions during the uncertainty of this year’s U.S. Presidential election.

Tradeweb CEO Lee Olesky and President Billy Hult welcomed the audience, set the stage, and introduced the speakers. Next, Ron Insana outlined the context of the financial markets and the stakes of trading decisions in the uncertain political environment.

Silver shared insights into the election and its possible outcomes drawn from his research and polling assessments. Ron and Nate then engaged in a lively discussion on what we can expect to see now, during the election and in the immediate aftermath. Tradeweb’s audience had the opportunity to ask their questions directly to them.

The event was designed to help Tradeweb’s clients navigate the fourth quarter of 2020 given the information overload and partisan noise surrounding the presidential election and to provide valuable insights from those with unique perspective. The event focused on evaluating empirical data and key economic and market indicators through a range of election outcomes — including two starkly different candidates representing substantially different economic approaches.

Following the main event, a small group of VIP guests moved to a separate virtual space for a more intimate discussion with Nate, Ron, Lee and Billy.

Empire worked closely with the Tradeweb Markets team and served as overall producer of the virtual event, responsible for securing the guest speakers, developing the content and topics, producing the visual design and screen content and managing the technical production. The entire production was conceptualized, designed and produced in less than three weeks.

Empire is a leading producer of virtual events of every kind and has been serving the global financial services industry for nearly three decades with thought leadership content.

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