Longchamp Japan

August 2020. Tokyo, Omotesando Hills

From August 21st to August 31st, 2020 at the beautiful shopping complex, Omotesando Hills, Longchamp Japan with the help of Empire held the MY PLIAGE® SIGNATURE pop-up event.

The MY PLIAGE® SIGNATURE, a new line of eco-friendly canvas bags launched in April is a line dedicated to the customization of the iconic LE PLIAGE® bag. With the MY PLIAGE® SIGNATURE, Longchamp lets you design striking customs bags. From the letters and numbers that you want to appear on the bag, guests have a total of 7.2 million color patterns to choose from. If they had trouble in choosing their colors, they were taken to the “Lucky Color Horoscope Corner”. Published in VOGUE GIRL, in collaboration with "Shiitake Unari Fortune Telling”, using keywords and facial recognition technology, this device helped guests choose their color patterns. Also included was popular Japanese illustrator and artist foxco's original artwork on display.

Empire worked with Longchamp Japan in the overall planning, production and management of the event. We are proud to once again work with Longchamp and continue to act as a leader in producing global fashion brand events.

​MY PLIAGE® SIGNATURE: https://www.longchamp.com/jp/ja/mypliage

Online Store: https://www.longchamp.com/jp/ja

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