Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Anniversary Dinner: 75 Years and Counting

November 2020. Virtual

Empire was honored to work with The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to successfully translate their annual meeting and gala into a virtual version — a recalibrated event commemorating the Bulletin’s 75th anniversary.

The event was truly a unique and interactive virtual experience that allowed guests to engage with the Bulletin’s global audience of thought leaders. Through carefully curated “virtual tables,” leading experts in the fields of nuclear risk, climate change, and disruptive technologies hosted intimate conversations throughout the evening: one during the virtual dinner course, and another over a virtual dessert.

In addition to the intimate “table” style conversations, the event included speakers and an audience from around the world including South Korea, Israel, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and elsewhere.

Program remarks were delivered from the Bulletin’s President, Rachel Bronson, keynote speaker, Yoriko Kawaguchi, Rieser Award recipient Haven Coleman, co-author of "Adults Won’t Take Climate Change Seriously. So We, the Youth, are Forced to Strike", and Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown. The Bulletin community gathered to toast the Bulletin’s 75th anniversary with a special message from William J. Perry who served in the Clinton administration as the 19th Secretary of Defense for the United States.

Table experts included Award-winning journalist, historian, and New York Times bestselling author Lesley Blume, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Beatrice Fihn,

George Church, the Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and a pioneer of today’s "Genomic Era"; Lynn Eden, a senior research scholar (Emeritus) at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation; Laura Holgate, vice president of materials risk management at the Nuclear Threat Initiative and Asha George, the executive director of the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense, where she plays a leading role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Joining directly from Australia was the Honorable Gareth Evans, a distinguished honorary professor at the Australian National University.

To learn more and to support the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists vital mission of equipping the public, policymakers, and scientists with the information needed to reduce man-made threats to our existence, while at the same time elevating the role of science in the formation of public policy, visit https://thebulletin.org/

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