The Joby Aviation Field Trip

October 2022. Marina, California, Marina Municipal Airport, Marina, California

Joby Aviation, Inc. is a California-based transportation company developing an all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft which it intends to operate as part of a fast, quiet, and convenient service in cities around the world.

Empire was honored to produce Joby’s inaugural “Field Trip” at the Marina Municipal Airport pilot production facility in October 2022. This private event was a full day venture for guests introducing them to the process behind the revolutionary aircraft with on-stage talks from Joby’s CEO, CFO, and Head of Aircraft OEM.

Joby invited guests to start the day off with breakfast and coffee before the program began. Following breakfast, guests were led through a tour of Joby’s pilot eVTOL aircraft manufacturing line and took an early look at what future skyports may look like. Guests also got a chance to pilot a virtual Joby aircraft in a flight simulator.

Beside being a public airport, Marina Municipal Airport is used as Joby’s Flight-test site and is home to the pre-production prototype aircraft. Joby Field Trip guests had the grand opportunity to witness a test flight themselves while Joby’s Chief Test Pilot talked through its route and the aircraft’s notable attributes.

At the end of the day, Joby’s executive staff hosted a Q&A session for their guests, opening the floor to questions about the company, process of aircraft evolution, and passenger experience. Empire was thrilled to be a part of the inaugural Joby Field Trip coordinating logistics, creative presentation design, and technical production.

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