Dustin Malstrom

Senior Creative Director

Dustin has spent over 20 years creatively conceiving of, then building up, everything from brands to actual buildings - never shy on inspiration. Throughout his career, he has always strived to construct deeper relationships between ideas and tangible things through the power of design. Drawing on his strengths as an marketer and architect, he found a way to tie creative work to utilitarian purpose. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Dustin dives in head first, thriving when challenged, and masterfully sculpting the uncomfortable into pleasant.Dustin’s work has spanned several industries: art, architecture, marketing, and even finance. His talents took him on incredible journeys with world-renowned artists, the likes of James Turrell and Julian Schnabel. His creative prowess in multimedia brought clients such as: Netflix, S&P Global, SoFi, MasterCard, Audi, Yale University, and many more. While at SoFi, Dustin developed and led experiential strategy teams for the build-out of SoFi Stadium - now home to NFL games, massive events, and brand activations.