The London Eye glows green at night, reflecting on the Thames with city lights in the background.

Empire has delivered immersive, high-production value experiences for thousands of clients over our 27 year history.

We produce
that matter.

Fireworks illuminate a grand resort at night, reflecting beautifully on the calm water.
Taylor Swift performs on stage with a guitar, illuminated by purple spotlights.
The Bulgari Avrora Awards venue in Tokyo, illuminated in pink against the cityscape at night.
A lively crowd gathers in a vibrant, blue-lit venue for the Fox Upfront event.
The London Eye glows green at night, reflecting on the Thames with city lights in the background.
A lively crowd gathers in a vibrant, blue-lit venue for the Fox Upfront event.
Bill Gates and a dignitary shake hands on stage at the Goalkeepers event.
A vibrant, multicolored installation with numbered doors stands illuminated at night in a cityscape.
A performer sings on stage at a New York Public Theater event, accompanied by a pianist.
A large audience attends a Microsoft conference, with presentations displayed on huge screens.
Yo-Yo Ma performs on stage with a colorful piano and a vibrant light projection.
Attendees gather at the CyberArk Impact 23 conference focused on identity security.
A vibrant light show illuminates Atlantis Dubai, with guests dining under the night sky.
A large audience attends a conference in a vast, blue-lit arena with multiple screens.
A modern glass building with vibrant purple interior lighting houses the Chanel #5 Museum.
Guests mingle around a central bar under a dazzling chandelier at the Samsung Hope for Children Gala.
Guests gather around tables in a spacious, glass-walled venue decorated with colorful banners.

At Empire, we believe that the world progresses when people gather and experience moments that matter.

Events are where we share knowledge, create markets, address challenges & opportunities, plan the future, mark milestones and sometimes, simply celebrate.

When we get together we become more than the sum of our parts — individual knowledge, efforts, talents and passions are concentrated to achieve big results.

But effectively bringing people together at scale requires strategy, creativity and precision execution. Today’s state-of-the-art events require understanding of human behavior, experiential design, immersive storytelling, logistical expertise across a wide range of disciplines, and a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist.

Empire's global team of producers, creators, strategists, designers, technicians and do-ers personify the versatility, resourcefulness, excellence and passion that it takes to create change.

We partner with leading corporations, cause champions, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators to drive progress across a spectrum of sectors.

For over three decades, Empire has been proud to fuse the arts & sciences of creative event production to support the world’s premier brands, not-for-profits, governments and change-makers to achieve objectives, drive progress and celebrate humanity.

We produce moments that matter.

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