Salma Metwally

Associate Producer

With a background in visual arts and creative fields, Salma brings a well-rounded skill set to the team that applies across all her projects. She has experience producing Galas, Musical Performances and Festivals as well as concepting creative ideas and bringing them to execution. She understands the need for granularity in planning but leads with a creative and “bigger picture” approach. Starting in the Advertising industry, she worked with brands such as Disney, Sony Music and TJX Companies to produce in-person experiential activations nationally. From there she has taken her experience to Empire to move on to produce larger scale in-person and virtual events. Being familiar with the visual arts field and experienced in photography and videography, she loves working on sets as well as broadcasting to digital platforms. With an extreme passion for music and the art behind it, she enjoys working with various talent from Grammy-Award winning artists to those just getting their foot in the door. She appreciates the dedication that goes into creating their work and ensures that integrity is not lost in production. Having been born in Alexandria, Egypt and since visiting frequently, Salma has a multicultural perspective that she brings to everything she does. She values diversity and believes that being bilingual has tremendously helped her in her career. As a champion for creating space and opportunities for all, she carries that throughout her work.